About Us

 Senzex has been founded in 2010 by Dr. Miroslav Petro, after over a decade at several R&D management positions, Dr. Miroslav Petro Picturemostly at Symyx Technologies, Inc., leading efforts in numerous material discovery and technology development programs that attracted over a hundred million dollars in collaborations with major global companies, including Unilever, Dow Chemicals or Exxon Mobil. Senzex brought together a group of diverse experts in materials science and chemical engineering with a world-wide network of satisfied industrial collaborators and business contacts. Our growing team is currently built around five core employees and numerous contractors, mostly seasoned PhD scientists with excellent track of record and fresh brains with great academic profiles from Ivy League universities.


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  • 1430 Koll Circle, Suite 101 San Jose, CA 95112
  • +1 408-780-9911
  • info@senzex.com